Securing the Cloud PDF

Securing the Cloud.pdf


Developers Survival Guide PDF

Best Practices and Trends:

How to Write Testable and Maintainable Code

How to Write Testable and Maintainable Code

Some good info on writing code that is easily maintainable and testable.

AngularJS Book – provided by I. Brown


If anyone wants some reading material for AngularJS I have this pdf.. It’s an O’rielly  Book.

– I. Brown

AngularJS Videos – provided by I. Brown

AngularJS Videos – provided by I. Brown

Those of you that want some pretty thorough examples of how angular works and explains directives, etc. I thought these were pretty great, helped me understand and create my own directives, filters, etc.

– I. Brown

REST URI Tester – link provided by I. Brown

REST URI Tester – link provided by I. Brown

This is an awesome plugin for chrome that makes it really easy to test rest URI calls.This way you don’t have to code to test, but you can use this plugin directly to test custom headers and responses.

-I. Brown

GitFaq – Git SCM Wiki

Need to figure out what the errors mean when trying to do something with git? Here is a good FAQ page that explains what it all means!

via GitFaq – Git SCM Wiki.

Lightweight code editing with Adobe Brackets

I’m excited that we can finally talk about a new open-source project called Brackets. The objective of Brackets is to create a lightweight, easily-extensible code editor for the web that is built entirely using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The project is still in development but you can checkout the code from GitHub and start playing around with it.