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How to Write Testable and Maintainable Code

How to Write Testable and Maintainable Code

Some good info on writing code that is easily maintainable and testable.


Regular Expression Cheat Sheets



AngularJS Book – provided by I. Brown


If anyone wants some reading material for AngularJS I have this pdf.. It’s an O’rielly ¬†Book.

– I. Brown

AngularJS Videos – provided by I. Brown

AngularJS Videos – provided by I. Brown

Those of you that want some pretty thorough examples of how angular works and explains directives, etc. I thought these were pretty great, helped me understand and create my own directives, filters, etc.

– I. Brown

REST URI Tester – link provided by I. Brown

REST URI Tester – link provided by I. Brown

This is an awesome plugin for chrome that makes it really easy to test rest URI calls.This way you don’t have to code to test, but you can use this plugin directly to test custom headers and responses.

-I. Brown