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How to Write Testable and Maintainable Code

How to Write Testable and Maintainable Code

Some good info on writing code that is easily maintainable and testable.


GitFaq – Git SCM Wiki

Need to figure out what the errors mean when trying to do something with git? Here is a good FAQ page that explains what it all means!

via GitFaq – Git SCM Wiki.

Diving Into PHP

The basics of PHP if you want to learn some PHP.

Great Tutorials On… EVERYTHING!

Great Tutorials On… EVERYTHING!

This website is a website that I go to pretty often as they post plenty of good tutorials and articles about web dev. CSS, Frameworks, Best Practices.. It’s pretty informative. I’m sure you’ll stumble across something new that you may find interesting..


ActionScript 3.0 in Flex Builder 2.0 Essential Training | Video Tutorial from

ActionScript 3.0 in Flex Builder 2.0 Essential Training | Video Tutorial from


Instructor Joey Lott is known for his expertise in Flash, ActionScript, ColdFusion, Java, MySQL, XML, and more. In ActionScript 3.0 in Flex Builder Essential Training, he puts some of that knowledge to work, first explaining what’s new with ActionScript 3.0, then demonstrating the program’s important capabilities. From working with variables, to understanding and applying functions, to creating practical applications (as well as a few fun ones), you’ll be exposed to all the powerful and practical features of ActionScript 3.0. Exercise files accompany the tutorial, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Dependency Injection in PHP | Nettuts+

Dependency Injection in PHP | Nettuts+.

Dependency Injection in PHP
Many devs have been using Dependency Injection. Possible Use?

Clean Code

Google Video About Clean code and testing

Writing Testable Code

Guide-Writing Testable Code File

If you want to look into Test Driven Development. Here is a good start.